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At qupaya, we believe in the power of web and JavaScript-based technologies. Our expertise in those fields goes back to the late 90s.

We aspire to design software for the long term.

qupaya supports open-source and community-driven technologies, such as Angular and NestJS. Since the early beta version of Angular, we work closely with the developer community. The regular exchange enables us to provide state-of-the-art solutions for our clients.

We provide short- and long-term consulting on a single or regular basis

At the beginning of each project, there is an idea, followed by the enthusiasm and the goal to deliver a solid piece of software, in time-to-market.

We will help you to identify technical requirements and set up a strong foundation, which scales and fits your team and environment.


We’re happy to assist you with in-depth consulting and hands-on coding with our experts. We staff teams of any size.

Angular Health Checks

Things are constantly changing. We want to ensure that your project will keep scalable and maintainable by running an Angular Health Check.

qupaya was founded by web developers and software architects in 2019.

We look back on more than two decades of professional software development experience of projects of any size.

According to Statista, up to 125.000 open IT jobs were listed in Germany in 2019, and the demand is still growing.

Nowadays, it needs more than a competitive salary to get the best candidates. Remote work offers a bunch of benefits to employees and customers. It enables us to work with developers from around the world. Also, Less commuting leads to a smaller ecological footprint and a better work-life balance. That’s why we at qupaya love working remotely. Learn more about us.

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