At qupaya, we believe in the power of the web.

How We Work

We do one thing, and we do it right! That is the reason why we focused on what we love: the Angular and NestJS ecosystem.

Our propinquity and regular exchange with the developer community brings our clients and us forward.

To break the hiring barrier, we decided to work remote-first, to get the very best candidates, to push your project!

Project Bootstrapping & Consulting

In the first phase, we identify the requirements and needs of your project and team.

Secondly, we set up a solid project foundation with you. You can expect a state-of-the-art toolset that fits and scales with your requirements and your team.

Now, we will become onboard every team member with hands-on coding, pair programming, coaching, and code-reviews to get it started.


We offer regular code reviews and coaching on a regular or daily basis.

We involve and migrate to new architectural patterns for your application.

Regular know-how exchange ensures we keep your team members and your codebase up-to-date.

qupaya is always there for you.


Great ideas require excellent people.

qupaya supports your project with small to mid-sized committed developer teams.

If required, we take responsibility for the entire assignment, the planning phase, development phase, shipping phase, and long-term maintenance.

Full commitment can take for granted for each project.

Angular Health Check

Accelerate your Angular project’s performance, increase conversion rates, and reduce costs in the long term by running an Angular Health Check.

Angular web and hybrid applications continue to grow in complexity. This fact makes giving these projects the attention they deserve more critical than ever. By running a technical Angular health check, we will analyze your application’s architecture, patterns, and how your team works and collaborates.

We advise action points to align your technical requirements with your product roadmap to stay ahead of the wave.

Code Quality

We ensure high code quality and maintainability.

Periodic code reviews and know-how exchange keep the source code up to date.

Clean code patterns and strict linting rules let stay the code eye-candy.

A high testing coverage using unit-, integration and E2E tests will let you sleep well.

Open Source Software

Open-source frameworks such as Angular, NestJS, or webpack established new markets and a new way of software development. We are very thankful to the OSS community and want to contribute, too.

ng-mockito is a testing library built on top of ts-mockito. The library reduces boilerplate code and provides a convenient API to mock dependencies.

We created an one-day workshop to demonstrate testing principles for unit, e2e and integration tests.

we have a bunch of example code on GitHub. Feel free to explore by yourself.