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qupaya is a young start-up founded by passionate freelance web developers and software architects in 2019. We look back on more than two decades of professional software development experience and projects of any size and industry.

We support open-source and community-driven technologies, such as Angular and NestJS. Since the early beta version of Angular, we work closely with the developer community. The regular exchange enables us to provide state-of-the-art solutions for our clients.

What makes qupaya unique is an open and committed team, an excellent work-life balance as a critical factor of our philosophy, and the incentive to learn and improve from each other.

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Andrea Cossu

Andrea Cossu

Social Media & Marketing Manager


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Remote First


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Germany 2019 A.D.

According to statista, up to 125.000 open IT-jobs were listed in Germany in 2019, and the demand is still growing. Nowadays it needs more than a competitive salary, to get the best candidates.

Remote-work offers a bunch of benefits to employees and customers. It enables us to work with developers from around the world. Plus, less commuting leads to a smaller ecological footprint and a better work-life balance.

That’s why we at qupaya love working remotely.

The Remote First Concept

Although the entire working environment at qupaya works distributed, we arrange on-site events for our teams to socialize.

Work-Life Balance

Our lives should not be primary about work. It is about family, good friends, mental and physical health. The tip on the cake is an exciting and well-paid job.

Enjoy quality time with your family, not at the commuter train.

Care about your kids when they need it without taking time off.

Live where you want to be; don’t move because of your job.


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If none of the jobs above seems right for you, we would be happy to get you to know anyway. If you are in love with web technologies, too, please feel free to drop a line via


For us, it is all about the tech-community. We love to spread the word on meetups and conferences as attendees, speakers, or organizers.

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